Welcome to the Dancehall.

Chapter 1: Prelude (and firestorm)

what a fun website
(im just testing dumb things)
  • woah this is nice
  • pretty cool if i do say so myself
  • ok this is getting a bit boring
  • lets stop now
  • ok its gone now

    This is pretty
    nice isn't it?
    HTML is fun!

    thank you for visiting

    i hope that you come again

    Chapter Two: The Beginning of the Beginning

    Part two, a beginning

    wait a minute cant i just like do this

    testing 1

    testing 2


    oh my god is works. i've been wasting like 5 minutes constantly writing div align="center" and /div what am i even doing

    wow that very useful

    i should really make another node

    Fall into the hole?















































    A Bad Place.