woah! i can make other pages?

alright time to make a dumb rant about the japanese language

ok so this is my only problem with the japanese language, one of the words for "home" is いえ pronounced ie and the word for "no" is いいえ pronounced iie. WHY i just want to say ie without having to make sure that I dont pronounce the i sound for too long because that'd be weird to say like "would you like to come over to my NO" and i get it i can just say うち pronounced uchi but like some people use the word ie and using ie feels more formal and better. basically im bad at japanese.


Chapter 3: The Kinda Third Page

  • i found out how to make the text white and box things nice

    the end of the prelude. begin, and with us resonate.

  • Take the stairs to floor 2.
    Go outside.
    Dive into the basement.
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